The Sasquatch’s Daughter – Black and White


Little Red is the adopted daughter of a sasquatch. He found her, an abandoned baby, during one of his wanders in a human city. He brought her back to the Night Forest and raised her as his own. There are a lot of varmints in the forest who wish he had left her in the Eaten Lands.


A Conversation Among Old Confederates – Black and White


I am constantly trying to improve my skills. There are a lot of areas where I know I can improve. Anatomy. Composition. Color balance. Mood. And more.

The tricky thing is improving in areas that I don’t recognize need improvement. That involves asking people to look at my work and then give their opinion. I recently did that with a friend and he said, essentially, “Your lines are too thick. They make your style look old-fashioned.”

Comic books were originally printed on cheap pulp paper using cheap printing techniques. That meant that the art that reproduced best was the simplest – clear bold lines and flat colors.

In the last few decades printing techniques have improved immensely. The use of computers has allowed art to be much more complex. Because of that, many modern comic artist draw with what are essentially ball point pens; pens that create lines that wouldn’t have reproduced using old school printing techniques.

So I inked this illustration using a couple of snazzy pens that (mostly) lay down nice, clean, thin lines. The result was better than I expected. I do like a greater variety of line weights in my art but it shouldn’t be a problem to include these pens in my repertoire. One must pay attention to the latest fashions.

Red Right Hand – Black and White


This illustration was done specifically with color in mind. I think it works pretty well without color but the title makes less sense.

Red Right Hand is a song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It’s my favorite song by the group but, admittedly, I haven’t listened to much Nick Cave. It has a wonderful creepy vibe. It tells just enough story that I want to know more but not so much that the mystery is removed.

Anger Not Fantomah! – Black and White


There have been thousands of heroes invented since comic books first started being published. Through some oddities of copyright law, quite a few of those characters have fallen into the public domain. Anyone who wants to may use them in comic (or a movie or a tv series or a breakfast cereal).
Fantomah is, apparently, the first female comic book superhero. Her first appearance was in Jungle Comics #2 (Feb 1940). She’s one of the gloriously weird creations of Fletcher Hanks. She’s a White Jungle Goddess who, when provoked, displays godlike powers. Her body turns blue while her face becomes skull-like. And then she does horrible magical things to her enemies.